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Franco Saudelli
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Franco Saudelli
(b. 4/8/1952, Italy)

Franco Saudelli is mostly known as an artist of erotic comics. However, since 1977, Saudelli's work appeared in several Italian and French magazines, like Lanciostory, Orient-Express, Lib鲡tion and Charlie Mensuel. In the 1980s, he started making short erotic comics for the magazines Comic Art, Glamour and Diva, sometimes in collaboration with Casotto. Bondage scenes play a big part in the stories, for example in 'La Bionda', published in album format by Dargaud. Saudelli uses a fluent, elegant, sophisticated style.

What is it that immediately lets you know you're gazing upon a Saudelli?

Surely the women are beautiful, but many artists can make a beautiful woman. Is it the bondage. so skilfully and humorously employed in many Saudelli strips? That's good, but still not unique. What stands out, to me, when I look at Franco's art is the female feet.

Alright, you can say I'm the editor of a foot and leg fetish magazine, I no doubt see feet where others wouldn't notice. That's true, and what I see in most art, comic and otherwise, is feet hastily and inaccurately drawn, or hidden away in shoes. Feet and hands are probably the hardest body parts to get right. Many artists never get past putting the occasional thumb on backwards. I?ll name no names. In the end most serious artists develop some proficiency for hands, but most never master the foot.

Franco Saudelli. on the other hand, or foot, is a master of the sub-ankle zone. Not only is his anatomy impeccable, he improves upon poor nature. No real arches were ever so curvaceously high, no heels so full, soft and round, and how many toes flex and spread with this dexterity? Franco's feet are playful feet, active, strong and frisky feet. While flawlessly formed and voluptuously beautiful, they are also highly functional. We can see the muscles and tendons that animate Saudelli feet, that make them capable of carrying his strong, earthy heroines about their dominant duties.

Put a Saudelli woman, as Franco often does, in a pair of towering stilettos and you can practically hear the earth shake as she strides by. As you stare up in wonder at her passing -- notice how often Saudelli places his viewer at floor level, the better to admire the divine feet? -- you see the clenching of fistlike calves, the tensing of authoritative thighs, on up to the racketing grind of firm, full buttocks, all developed as only the nether parts of an habitual stiletto wearer?s can be.

To feel the ground up power of a Saudelli woman is to understand why these women need to be tied up. These broads could hurt a guy, could squash him like a bug under their big, strong, frisky feet.

Even in bondage Saudelli women flirt with their feet. A classic pose has the woman trussed on her tummy with her feet drawn up over her back in a hog-tie. With ankles, calves and thighs securely tied all she can do is wiggle her toes, inviting a round of tickle torture. Tempting, isn?t it? Who wouldn't like to see that big mean woman get what she deserves?

Franco Saudelli understands the power of the maternal authority figure -- and how we all long to turn the tables and see her squirm. Of course we know she?ll have the last laugh, and there?ll be hell to pay when the ropes come loose but then we don't really want to be in control forever. We?ll take our punishment and like a good mother she?ll forgive our childish impertinence. Then it?s back on the floor where we belong, at the feet of the great, strong, eternal Goddesses, created by Franco Saudelli, but controlled by no man.


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