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Parris Quinn

Known comic series:

Shadow and light, Volume 1

Here's some things you don't often find in erotic graphic novels: Realistically drawn (though very sexy!) bodies; an acknowledgement that kinky sex can be loving and tender--and still very kinky; highly explicit sex combined with sensitive insight into character. Parris Quinn's art is beautiful as well--the characters look like people you might know, or might want to know, and that makes the book all the more erotic.  --an reviewer

Shadow and light, Volume 2

Both my fiance and I enjoyed this well drawn, erotically charged graphic novel by Parris Quinn. Containing several separate stories, this book has something to arouse both males and females. Realistic watercolor and graphite b&w images depict a variety of sexual scenarios definately on the kinky side. As an artist myself, I can appreciate the skill and time that must have gone into this book. As a sexual being, I responded to the eroticism. --an reviewer

Shadow and light, Volume 3

Three new stories in this breathtakingly rendered series by Parris Quinn exploring new folds of our sexuality. A younger woman dominates a willing older man. A mature woman gives herself totally to a ruggedly handsome motorcycle-riding stranger and his friends and in the last part of The Arrangement, the girl must satisfy not only her master but also his group of friends in a most unusual way...

Shadow and light, Volume 4

Quinn brings his special blend of high art aesthetic and unadulterated raunch he has become famous for to its most dramatic climax yet! "I've often been amazed at just how nasty certain otherwise dignified ladies can be, given the right circumstances and inspiration, when they are in charge," says Parris Quinn. To prove this, he lets women friends unabashedly narrate their own accounts of outrageous sexual adventures in which they have orchestrated all of the action. Two of the stories are steamy depictions of female dominance and male submission on a level rarely, if ever, dealt with in the offerings of today?s world of erotic film and literature. In the other stories, a respectable married woman takes a big new risk and discovers an insatiable desire for secret encounters and multiple partners; and watch what a young woman comes up with when she discovers the power she has over an older black man after a not-so "chance" encounter.

Shadow and light, Volume 5

Parris Quinn's steamy summer saga of dominance and discipline continues with THE NEIGHBOR Part 2, the raunchy adventure of Cynthia, (40-something housewife) blackmailed into becoming the submissive sex slave of Annie, 19. In THE BEACH Part 2, Claire?s reunion weekend takes another extreme turn when she decides to share her well endowed friend with the boy on the motorcycle, her new young lover.


Normally, I have a visceral dislike of photorealistic comics, but Quinn manages to overcome that prejudice. The stories aren't much beyond the Penthouse Variations level, generally concerning people exploring dominance and submission for the first time. However, the art is vivid and breathtakingly powerful. The people look like real, attractive people instead of models, caught in just the right moments of overwhelming sexual intensity. Note: Many find his preoccupation with semen a little offputting.