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Loic Dubigeon

Graphic artist who works mostly in pencil. His work is collected in "Sweet Submission" Volumes I and II.

Talent and fantasy ' perversa ': tied females, lashes, expanded, used, reproduced with absolute realism, much to render the tears therefore true that vien it wants to graze the monitor in order to dry them.
In gallery the tables drawn mainly from "Soumission" and "Manuel de Civilit頍 ᠧ usage the DES Grandes Filles", and some designs from "Cent dessins pour illustrer Histoire of Or" (inserted in the gallery of "Soumission").

Translated (french):

For the connoisseur a variety of the Leonor Fini illustrated editions are available in France. Editions Astarte have recently published further drawings by Loic Dubigeon entitled Return to Roissy.  Leonor Fini, the graphically illustrated comic book by Italian comic-strip wizard Guido Crepax, or the explicit hyperrealistic drawings by Loic Dubigeon published in Paris in 1981.

Apologies in advance to those who find these images too graphic. Loic Dubigeon is a fetish artist whose peculiar focus appears to be BDSM and sex scenes involving already whipped women. Every drawing I've ever seen by this artist involves a heavily welted female bottom, and these are no exception:

"I love much my work", say Loic Dubigeon in broken German language, which he learned as a child only for the reason, because its father feared, Adolf Hitler in his illusion Europe would completely conquer.
In the morning at 9 o'clock it leaves its house in the small place Derchigny Graincourt and drives to Berneval le Grand into its studio, where it usually works ten to twelve hours. It has also a dwelling in Paris, but because it happens in the French capital only hectically and loud, it works on the dearest in the two places of the Districtes you Petit Caux - the partner municipality Stadlands. Paris is for Loic Dubigeon rather a metropolitan city, from which it can arrive fast with the airplane there, where it is called.
It is evenly Weltreisender. Single exhibitions in Nantes, Paris, Dieppe, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Vienna, New York and Hamburg, in order to call only some places, occupy that. Its work is among other things in completely Europe as well as in the United States to see is. Thus it issues for example regularly twice in the year in San Francisco. End of this monthly is already opened by it a further large exhibition in Paris.
Since past Tuesday is the Frenchman with his Mrs. Genfa in Rodenkirchen and in Butjadingen and his exhibition in the gallery at the Wehlhamm prepared. Now, after the Vernissage, he is constantly with the camera on the way. "I love much this country", say Loic Dubigeon, which works in cycles. At present it employs exclusively with Collagen, it oelgemaelde or water colors will sometime be. Then it needs the photographies from the municipalities Butjadingen and Stadland, in order to record its memories of the stay with the brush. around
Circle newspaper Weser march, 03 May 1995