Salomon Grundig
(Carlos Pedrazzini?)


Master fetish artist from France.  I don't know much about his biography, but apparently Salomon Grundig is a pseudonym of an argentinian artist: Carlos Pedrazzini The drawings will be made by the Argentine sketcher Carlos Pedrazzini is another reference to his skills in putting together a story board for a comic series. 

Known Comic Series:

Series r顬is饨s)
Raape of a couple

The Black Tsarina

A story about a stunning brunette that went a long road from being the Cossacks' sex slave to the czarina of a Russian principality. A medieval hard core story with some content on the edge. Adapted from a story by Sacher Masoch, artwork by Salomon Grundig.


Poorly translated form Italian:

In order to conclude this review, we remember a designer who senz' other is not Zanotto or Garci'a Seijas, but that its anonymity must to the misfortune more that not to the lack of dowries. Carlos Pedrazzini can be taken to symbol of all those cartoonists which the professionality does not lack sure, but that they do not have cleverness, prontezza or recommendations in order ritagliar the just space in the atmosphere enough. We jump to pi蠥qual the biographical data (and however Pedrazzini is not sure an author who figure in encyclopedias of the comic strip) and we try to reconstruct of the artistic distance. Of sure it is active sin from years ' 70, even if today it is difficult to recognize it in those old free ones: in practical not ago other that to copy Mandrafina. And ago also well: indicative to such care is the armed history the invincible one in Series fantasy. The praxis of rifaring itself to the style of the designer in voga the moment has been the arena which they are you form very many professionals to you but Pedrazzini after this inevitable gavetta is not detached from the model in order to produce something of independent, is only found again engaged to make from "vice" to an other model: Garci'a Seijas. Which, after several economic problems with Record and Columba, he abandoned some series that had also to be concluded. Angel Fernandez carried a.termine with good Kevin outcome while to Pedrazzini it touched the task to continue Skorpio, Mandy Riley and probably also Helena. And for how much Bravo it can be a designer, of Garci'a Seijas of it exists one only... the image of the poor Pedrazzini has been for years tied to that one of a maldestro rifacitore of the other people's style. In Italy it was accused to copy Master Garci'a Seijas without to possess of the qualities (that however it is true) while in Argentine same Garci'a Seijas got angry for the coatto proseguimento of its series to the Record without that its opinion in merit counted something (and pure it had flood reason). Pedrazzini continued to appear on Lanciostory and Skorpio, being matured its style between indifference more total. In order to disembark the lunario the artilleryman continued the Dick strip, inchiostr򠴨en some comic book (like Robin Annual 2: looking sharp, of which the inchiostr򠯮ly half) and he designed also of the ridicules comic strips porno that he signed Salomon Grundig.