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Bondage Obsession, Volume I
Bondage Obsession, Volume II
Jailbait I
Jailbait II
Hardcore Dementia
Bizarre Bondage #1
Bizarre Bondage #2
Bizarre Bondage #3
Bizarre Bondage #4
Bizarre Bondage #5

Typical Book Review:

"These women have weights hung from their tits; they swing from ropes attached to their nipples; their chests are put on the rack; and they're suspended from one another. They are tied up in every imaginable way with chains, ropes, and straps. They're gagged, buttplugged, and stuffed with cocks in every orifice. Some love, and some hate it, but they all take it ... and they all have tits you could take shelter from a hailstorm under!"

Typical comic review:

The first question you're going to ask, when going through Dementia '94's book Bondage Obsession is Why would anyone draw pictures like this? And after a few minutes, it would dawn on you to ask Why would anyone BUY a book full of pictures like this? That one I can answer--I didn't. A friend of mine used to own the neighborhood comic shop and when a customer ordered Bondage Obsession and never returned to pick it up, he gave it to me.

Bondage Obsession was published in 1995 by Eros Comix. This is a hardbound book full of drawings done by an artist who calls himself Dementia '94. Each page features nothing but HUGE-breasted women in some pretty indescribable situations . . . but I'll try.

Among the myriad bound, gagged, and pierced women portrayed here, one is shown strapped into a harness, on her knees, covered in insects, lizards, and birds. This illustration is called "Judy Communes with Nature."

In another, a bored-looking woman sits slumped on a stool in a dungeon. Cannonball-size weights are tied to her nipples and she's pierced in a very tender place. Her head rests on her knuckles as she stares into space. The caption under this picture reads, "He forgot my gag, my butt plug, and didn't even bother to whip me . . . Sigh--face it girl, he's in love with another slave."

Now, it may sound like this book is full of nothing but misogynistic depictions of helpless women, but after a while you begin to realize Dementia '94, whoever he really is, is just having some fun, with us and with his art. It's not like he's relegated to drawing these things from any lack of real talent--believe me, the stuff this guy draws, you couldn't do this unless you were a seasoned artist with a mastery of your craft.

And anyway, it isn't all misogyny--in one picture, a MAN is bound and gagged, while a leather-clad woman in spiked heels stands over him, the phone to her ear. "Nope, he can't talk to you. He's all tied up in a degrading sexual encounter with my boot!"

But why choose tons of huge-breasted, pierced and bound females as your subject? That I can't tell you. It takes all kinds, I guess.

On the con side, though, you have to stop and wonder what to do with a book like this? It's not suitable for any coffee table I've ever seen, and I don't want to keep it with the other books--I've got kids and I don't need them pulling this one off the shelf. So what do you do with it? Well, when I received this book, I was in the middle of writing an ultra-violent novel, and some of the depictions in here provided some great inspiration. But once that was over, well, I kinda just put it in a box and forgot all about it until recently.

See, a book like this can have its uses, if you recognize them when they present themselves, but a book like this is also not something you really want to keep lying around as a conversation piece, especially if you've got a family. Or maybe that's just the opinion of somebody who's never really understood the whole S&M thing. For me, bondage isn't sexy. Torture doesn't turn me on. And pain . . . well, it hurts.

Then again, lots of other artists publish books of their works, so why not Dementia '94? Good taste is, like most other things, relative, I suppose and just because I don't know what to do with a book like this doesn't make it any less worthwhile. The pictures are all very detailed and you can come back to them later on and see things you missed the first time-so what if the thing you didn't see at first is a saw blade running up the middle of some half-naked woman's a**? It's the little details that give a book like this its flavor. In fact, I doubt Dementia '94 wants you to focus on the picture as a whole, but that he's got some little thing in there that is the real point of the picture. For example, the jars of hot mustard, hot sauce, and mayo sitting to the side in one drawing.

There is no way in hell this book is for everyone--or even for many, I'd guess. But for somebody with a very off sense of humor and who looks at the world through very different eyes, Bondage Obsession can be enjoyed as a brainless way to pass a few minutes--think of it as a Victoria's Secret catalog with ropes, chains, and nipple-rings.