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Last Gasp

Howie Dard
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This sex-comic/graphic novel is weird and twisted.  Tess Cox is a very skinny young woman with tiny breasts; she is hyper sexual and her greatest wish is to have sex with her brother, because she finds him very attractive, especially his enormous penis. But he is reluctant to grant her wish, and in her quest for her goal, she is happy to have sex with multitudes of other men and women.  As the story proceeds, aliens enter the picture, and soon after that, they enter Tess. 

            It?s quite a surprise that the plot manages to last for 88 pages, especially when we get to the end to find that there will be continuing erotic adventures of Tess to follow.  The quality of the artwork is variable: it is best in the first and last chapters ? the first 16 pages are in full color, and the rest are in black and white, with a few color plates added at the end.  It?s full of transgressive fantasy, but most of it is pretty standard fare.  The central erotic theme, apart from Tess? incestuous desire, is a how her small and skinny body can take the massive penises that she finds such a turn on, but Dard does not do much with this theme. 

            Personally, I look for erotic comics to explore aspects of sexuality that other media are less able to focus on, and I have to concede that the themes of incest and alien sex are probably rarely found in porno videos or magazines.  There is energy in the drawing, and the story is bizarre enough to inspire some curiosity.

another review:

An emaciated blonde develops an insatiable lust for her big, buff brother, and uses several ruses to seduce him. Aside from a couple close calls, it doesn't really happen, and Dard includes other sexual partners for both of them to stretch things out. I guess this is a going concern? I didn't really object to the plot, as these are both adult characters who can do what they want. Having a seductress rather than a seducer helps, too. My complaint was that the art was grotesque. Dard is actually a very good artist, with an interesting airbrush look to it that dates it to the 80s but is unquestionably skilled. In fact, the best work was in a sketchbook section at the back of the book. But the lead character is so skinny and flatchested I couldn't help but think of that young blonde cokehead in BOOGIE NIGHTS who OD'd. Not the sexiest image. And Dard has a strange way of rendering female anatomy. In this case, it looks like a catfish.