Bruno COQ (Cock)

Still researching for information on this artist.  He or she has been the hardest to track down.

Known Comic Series:

The Secretary
Life of Flora
The Director
Strange Doctor Mazsovich
Punishment for Belle Postic

Story Lines:

The Director of this department store one is sex maniac which assimilates maintenance of recruiting and right of cuissage. He is not a saleswoman or a secretary who should not "pass under the office" to satisfy it. But having installed a video camera in the toilets of the personnel, it notes that the employees make in the same way during their pauses, and that in the warehouses they are the storekeepers who treat to good time.

With theSainte-Anne boarding school, the Flora prude is shocked by her girlfriends. But the day of its marriage with a stupid banker, it tries new experiments.

After the album "the Director", Karine finds a new post of secretary. But as of the first day of recruiting, two employees who briguaient her place put it at the step. They manage a smacking cuisante to him and oblige it with the l裨er. At the end of this hazing, its superior surprises it lowered on a desk, with a vibro in behind, and consequently its fate is sealed: it will be used for to d馯uloir sexual with all the company.

The private clinic of Doctor Mazsovich to the air of a banal thalassotherapy for stressed townsmen come to seek here calms and given in form. But this 鴡blissment is if calm that it of with the air? It would not be rather about a sexual re-arrangement? In all the cases, the blows of whips and trip hammers will miss, neither the objects, nor the maidservants.

A third album for Cock, after successes of the "Director" and "the life of Flora". A cleaning lady was assassinated close to the castle where it worked. Carrying out a survey incognito, police Bella Postic postulates for this vacant employment. What it discovers on manners of the lords of the manor has what to surprise. Mister the count, his wife as his daughter have as a practice to treat their people in service like sexual slaves. As a conscientious investigator, Bella Postic is also subjected it to their desires. But when his true identity is discovered, the maltreatment turns to well ordered torture.